Mike Jones "The Pixel Painter"
MJ WRC 2011

Today I pursue my photography with the same passion as I have over the last few decades. My wife and I take immense pleasure touring the world with our cameras going to some of the most challenging photographic locations that are on offer. When we are back in UK, we take great pleasure sharing our photographic experiences via Pixel Painter Workshops. The workshops are designed to take you outside of your normal comfort zone, also to challenge both you, and your camera, to find your limitations, thus getting the best value for money from the workshops we organise. We trust that for those who have already attended our workshops, that you found these limitations, taking away some key skills and techniques for your future photographic projects.

Ann and I continually strive to provide you with quality and unique photographic experiences, where you can further enhance your photographic skills, experiment and generally have fun. From the feedback that we receive, we believe that we achieve the above aims for our clients and are excited about a number of different ideas that we will share with you for the coming years.

My current passion with photography is as always, to pursue challenging subjects and situations. I get no greater pleasure from standing in the freezing forests of Wales, during Rally GB Wales photographing 9 times WRC world champion Sebastian Loeb hammering at approx. 100mph into a hair pin bend, with showers of dust or mud if it is wet.

Icelnad Nothern Lichts

Likewise sitting on the banks of blue Ice lagoon in Iceland waiting for the Northern Light show at midnight is an inspiring, once in a life time opportunity to experience and photograph. I like hotter climates just as much, and we recently have had some fabulous opportunities to photograph the photogenic Amalfi coast in Italy and the wonderful Greek island of Santorini. I have been fortunate enough to have had photographic commissions to photograph Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival for the last 6 years. In recent times I have also photographed the British Touring Car Championship at Rockingham Race circuit.

I am inspired by the world around me, the people that I meet and the places that I visit, these are my inspirational motivators. I always challenge myself to ask how the places that I visit and people that I meet, can inspire others to improve their own photography.

Many photographers inspire me, David Baily is one of my hero’s, because he defies all the rules and will not conform, he shoots from the heart, because that’s what he wants and not what the institutions want.


Henri Cartier Bresson is another one of my hero’s, because of his defiance of the need to conform, another true free spirted photographer who again only photographed what he thought felt right. If there ever was an example of a man who was always in the right place at the right time it was Henri, but he always had a camera on his person. Henri was also the master of candid images, his ability to evoke that look from people that you just cannot categorise was masterful.

I adore the Great Hollywood Black & White photographers from the 40’s-50’s who photographed all of the Hollywood mega stars of that era. My favourite being Horst P Horst (Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann) masterful precise techniques with very subtle lighting creating the most stunning and technically competent Black & White images for his time.

I adore photographing all things retro/vintage and attend many events where this type of eye candy can be found Twinwood, vintage dance events and Goodwood revival are many examples.

We hope to see you soon on the next “Pixel Painter” Production workshop.