Delegate Testimonials

Tango Dance Photographic Workshop 07 July 2015
Delegate Feedback

Alex Osborne (Fecher) Professional Tango Dancer
Dear Ann and Mike
Just a quick message to thank you for everything on Saturday. We had a great time and really appreciated the way you made us feel welcome and special. Just to mention a few things, we enjoyed the comfortable changing room with 2 mirrors and a clothes rail (brought in especially by you), as many drinks as we could manage and generous amounts of lovely home-cooked food. Everything was organised very well, with a test shoot to decide on the poses and outfits. This meant that there were no delays on the day. You also planned in frequent comfort breaks that were much appreciated as it is hard to hold tango poses for a long time, especially as the day goes on. Overall, you created a very friendly atmosphere that made the workshop very pleasant and enjoyable for both the photographers and us 'models'. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos, and to hopefully work with you again in the future.

Brian Titchiner
I had a truly enjoyable day, with a friendly crowd, and a Pixel painter virgin I know what to expect at the next event. I am still going through the images from Saturday, and once I am happy with my efforts will forward thumb nails across

Alan Harris
Thanks again for the workshop yesterday, It was very enjoyable. The dancers were great and very obliging and helpful.  It couldn't have been easy for them posing all day in that heat. The venue was good overall and the outdoor shots worked well.

Colin Close
Thank you to Mike and Ann for organising another super workshop. I'd previously attended a Flamenco workshop and knew what to expect. The professional tango dancers were excellent and very patient in repeatedly going into the same pose and holding it to allow all participants to get the shot. As usual Mike organised us very well to ensure we all rotated through "pole position" to get the best view point. Ann kept us well supplied with refreshments during the session. This is a fun way to get lots of pictures that would be very difficult to obtain on your own. Well done Mike and your team!

Hollywood Noir Photographic Workshop 11 April 2015
Delegate Feedback

Dann Olivier
Hi Mike..........Many thanks for a good day!! Really enjoyed it!!  Outstanding work done by Maria!!

Mandy Nutley
Thank you for an excellent day last Saturday. The morning session on post processing of Noir images was well worth me doing and influenced what and how I took mages in the afternoon session with the model. I am looking forward to doing theTango Workshop in July.Very many thanks to you both.

Flamenco Dance Photographic Workshop March 2015
Delegate Feedback

Dann Olivier
Many thanks to you and your "team" for putting up a great Flamenco Dance photo shoot on Saturday! It was most enjoyable to be part of it! The dancers' performance and energy was more than what we could hope for. As I am going through my images, I just want to do another Flamenco shoot as I can see so many errors (on my side!) PS: Looking forward to the Art Noir Photo shoot on the 11th April.

Regina Manso-de-Zuniga
Thank you for organising such an interesting and enjoyable workshop on Saturday. I feel that I have only scratched the surface. If you run another workshop, I would definitely have another go, as I felt as if I was just 'getting going' when it was time to finish! I have started to process my images and will send when they are ready.

Diane Cleveland
Thank you to both your self and your wife for a very enjoyable workshop afternoon. I loved your wife's cookies.

Photographic Hollywood Noir Workshop March 2015
Delegate Feedback

Martin Stacey
I thought the photoshoot was really good, I have only scanned through the images at present, think the general comment would be must try harder.

David Rayner
Many thanks for a great workshop on the 7th. I enjoyed the experience and the company and certainly got good experience from it. The pace was good and I got the prime slot often enough. My little pancake prime lens seemed to perform the best despite it not being easy to compose the scene and not having any stabilisation, the shallower dof of f1.7 and ISO 400 did well providing 1/80 sec.

Paul Bather
Can I thank you and your team for a really enjoyable and informative day , the lighting, model and instruction given were most helpful. I particularly like the size of the groups which allowed one and all to engage with the model. I look forward to hearing of any future events thanks in anticipation.

David Steel
Thanks. These are only roughly processed and I have tried a range of techniques to see what I can get. Maria is also a good model. As I said, these workshops are a great way for me to dabble in other genres and forces me to go out and use my camera rather than always being tied up doing other things. Thanks for your efforts in making such things happen. I would be interested in your tango workshop though it may well clash with other things I have on this year.

Steve Jones
Just to thank you for an excellent workshop on Saturday. Deciding on the right pose and directing the model to achieve this are areas I'd really like to improve in my photography. After thirty years in Engineering I guess it’ll take a little time to develop my artistic side. Thanks again, and I look forward to any further courses you plan for the future.

Photographic Flamenco Dance Workshop Oct 2014
Delegate Feedback

Dennis Durack
Just a quick word to thank you for an interesting workshop at Aldermaston in Oct 2014. I really enjoyed it.

Patricia Gibson
Many thanks for sending these notes through. I really enjoyed the day - the music, the dancers and even the photography! I took about 600 images, the day really illustrated that I should learn the settings on my camera especially in the dark! I should be very interested to learn of any more courses you will be running in the future.

Steve Jones
Thanks so much again to you and your team for the workshop last Saturday morning. I found the session very challenging. I'm now aware of some of the issues I have to work on in this area. I took over 1100 images in the 3 hours I was shooting.

Paschal Jeveons
Just a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the Flamenco workshop. Everything worked well on the day, from the great dancers and music, to the professional lighting guidance and technical help with the camera settings. Congratulations you seem to have a winning formula.

Denis McConnell
Thanks for a great session yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Overall there was much to learn and I thought your idea of presenting live conditions was well done useful and worth doing. I thought the dancers were great and the added bonus was the live music which was great, overall a worthwhile session.

Mike Driscoll
Just a few lines to thank you and the team for setting up the workshop it takes a lot time and effort to set these up which many forget. This was my first experience of a photographic workshop outside of college and it will not be the last. I am pleased with my results and am sure I will be able to use a few more different camera settings as the result of the workshop.

Photographic Venice Costume Workshop July 2014 “Venice in the Vyne”
Delegate Feedback

Ken Bunch
Thanks very much for the costume names and link to Manuela's website. I'm still tinkering with my images but would like to say I really enjoyed the day. Please add my name to the list for the possible WW2 workshop or indeed to any others that you plan in the future.

Paul Bather
Thanks for a great day. I took your advice and filled up my memory cards with a larger amount of raw images the downside is I now have to spend time editing not helped by a computer malfunction never mind going through the images now it reminds me of the fantastic costumes and models, how they managed to keep the poses I will never know. Please keep me posted on any forthcoming workshops I would be happy to share the details with other club member's. In the meantime thank you, the models and costumers for a great day

Alan Harris
Thanks for the info. It was a good day so thanks for organising it. I might be interested in the 1940s event, there are a lot of 40s events around the country but it is not always easy to get good photos as the backgrounds get very cluttered so a more exclusive organised event might work.

Gordon Dawkins
Hello mike….great day thanks very much.

John Hankin
Many, many thanks for your help yesterday and that of Ann and Shelly, between you all you saved me from disaster and I'm truly grateful!

John Harding
Thanks for a great day. I am glad I booked for Sunday. The combination of the number of people and the weather was unbelievable. Thanks to both you and your wife for working so hard and organising everything so well. Great costumes and great models.

Lisa Lucas
A few days late, but I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say "thank you" for an amazing experience last Saturday!! I had a fabulous time, thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some lovely people too. I brought five 16gb memory cards with me, and managed to completely fill two of them and part fill the other three, I ended up with 1852 images to download...!! It was a really great day and I'm so glad I was able to come along. If you plan any similar workshops, I'd be very interesting in attending again.

Susan Ashford
Just wanted to say what lovely Welsh Cakes your wife made ......worth travelling from Wales for!!! Also I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, fantastic value for money too.

Alan Landes
Dear Mike, I would like to thank you, your wife and all the team for a great day out last Sunday. The organisation was splendid and much appreciated and the amount of care setting up the shoot was evident. The briefing paper covered all the aspects needed. You catered for all levels of skills and experience and everyone was saying what fun they had. The rotation of the groups worked well with plenty of time given. This was the first session with models that I have attended and I have learnt many things that day.

The Models were most professional and charming, looking at us each in turn to allow us to make the most of our position in the group. They were very stoical and patient and willing to help us get the best shots. There is no doubt that the only way to obtain the shots is to communicate with them and get to know them. I think it helps them relax and move around to try different poses; movement and the wind helped produce more dynamic results.

Technical things I learnt :-Fill-in flash was essential because of the masks. It does not work well re shadows created unless it was well above the lens or around it like a ring-flash. A good excuse to buy even more kit? Unobtrusive fill-in flash is a great technique to develop as it is not easy. My flash died on the day but fortunately because your team had spare equipment my day was rescued.

Always carry more cards and batteries than you think you will ever need. Plan the shoot better to avoid carrying the wrong gear and reduce the weight to a minimum. Do a Recce if possible.

Group Dynamics:- As the best position was often fairly limited it was best to take a few shots and move round to let others in. This would allow for you to come back and interact more with the model to try different poses. I had to restrain myself from giving rein to my ideas and ending up dominating the group. I found a little time to explore my ideas by nipping in between group rotations when the models were on their own. The day has really stimulated my photography and my pictures next time will be better

Caroline Briggs
Thank you once again for such a wonderful day. Everything seemed to go very smoothly, which is a credit to you and your team. It was obvious that a great deal of organisation had gone on to produce the event. The models were so professional. I learnt a lot and have added more equipment to my wish list. I will definitely be telling everyone to look out for next year if you decide to repeat it and hope to be able to attend again.

Christine Costello
Thank you so much for a brilliant day, so well organised, it was a real pleasure attending and I got some great images too. Thank you wife for the wonderful afternoon tea and those Welsh Cakes were fab. The other delegates all made me feel very welcome - was good to be around like minded people all keen to take some great pictures.

Clive Tanner
Dear Mike; many thanks for organising such a wonderful photo day last Saturday. Everything appeared to run smoothly which was all down to you and your team; Shelly, Carol, Norman, Paul and your wife nobody seemed to be left behind as your group leaders took great care to ensure this. Please give my thanks to your wife who catered beautifully for the 'inner man' All in all a great idea for a photo-shoot which hopefully can be repeated

Maria Orr
I just wanted to say "thank you" for an absolutely fabulous event on Saturday. It was truly spectacular and exceptionally well organised. The concept and execution were outstanding and I came home thrilled, having had a fun day of photography in really great company. It was not only a great photography spectacular but it was a lovely sociable event made really great by the gatherings for drinks and food. Your excellent organisation even meant that the rain could not spoil the opportunity of getting some great images.

Mark Patterson
Thanks again for a fantastic day, which was very well organised and superbly run.

Nicola Pratt National Trust
The weekend has been amazing, professionally and personally. Sorry can't be with you tomorrow. Have a fabulous day and best wishes to you and the models